Babee Tenda 5-in-1 Converting Crib Best Baby Cribs Review

Babee Tenda B0029NBS66 Baby 5-in-1 Safety Converting Crib

The Babee Tenda B0029NBS66 Baby 5-1 Converting Crib was designed to last for many years as it changes its shape and function providing safe, comfortable, and healthy sleep throughout your child’s life. Heavy gauge steel rails are bolted to the ends securing the box support and mattress. It’s strong enough to support an adult. This heavy duty construction provides a sturdy, secure and wobble-proof crib that will outlast all of your children’s baby and toddler years.

The Babee Tenda frame is designed with hardwood slats that are 2 3/8″ apart and are glued and pinned with steel making it impossible for baby to get caught in. The Babee Tenda Crib is constructed with dual drop sides but can only be lowered by releasing two double action locks making it easy for an adult to push but impossible for baby. This special safety release mechanism eliminates the possibility of a crib side dropping accidentally and injuring your baby. You will also notice that all 4 sides of the crib are protected by heavy-duty teething rails whereas most cribs may have teething rails only at the sides and not on the ends.

The Babee Tenda Crib offers exceptional value. Don’t discard or retire your crib when the baby is old enough to climb out. Just change the shape and function f or years of use. Compare all the special unmatched features with any bed on the market. You will be convinced the Babee Tenda Converting Crib is a worthwhile investment in your child’s future.

Babee Tenda Baby 5-in-1 Safety Converting Crib baby cribs are available in White and Brown finishes.

We found to have the best prices on baby cribs including the Babee Tenda B0029NBS66 Baby 5-in-1 Safety Converting Crib.

Babee Tenda B0029NBS66 Baby 5-in-1 Safety Converting Crib Features and Specifications

  • Babee Tenda Baby 5-in-1 Safety Converting Crib Shipping Weight: 100 pounds
  • Dimensions: 30″ wide, 57″ long, and 39″ height
  • Model Number: B0029NBS66
  • Solid Steel Frame
  • Double Safety Locks
  • Teething Protection
  • Unique Safety Gate
  • Comes Complete With Mattress, Box Support, and Three Sheets and Dust Ruffle
  • 1 Year Warranty To Replace Entire Crib, 10 Year Warranty On Parts Replacements
  • Offers exceptional value and versatility
  • Designed with a primary concern for baby’s safety

Babee Tenda B0029NBS66 Baby 5-in-1 Safety Converting Crib Reviews

The Babee Tenda Baby 5-in-1 Safety Converting Crib received on average some of the highest ratings of all the cribs that we have reviewed. It’s also the highest priced crib as well but we believe that the measure of quality and safety features that went into the construction of this crib make it a top pick and well worth the investment. But don’t take our word for it. Here is what many others find appealing and worthwhile about the BabeeTenda.

First and foremost, the Babee Tenda Corporation went to great lengths to incorporate the best safety measures possible. With all the cribs on the market today that have been recalled for safety hazards, the Babee Tenda Corporation has never had a recalled product ever in their 70 year history. The fact that this company put safety in mind when they built the dual drop side crib with double safety locks speaks volumes to their reputation.

The all inclusive crib, mattress, box spring, sheets and bumper not to mention all conversion materials make this crib a one stop shopping trip in a box and will carry your baby through from toddler years and beyond.

For many buyers of the Babee Tenda, this crib withstood usage from each of their children’s baby years and still looked as good as new.

The child’s safety gate that is attached to the crib was a big selling point for a lot of parents. This clever addition gives parents the added convenience for checking in on their baby without disturbing them in their sleep. It is especially handy for preventing falls when baby begins to explore and climb out of the crib. Many crib owners believe this safety measure by itself saves a lot of injuries.

One very happy father stated that his mother still had his Babee Tenda Crib from 28 years prior and brought it out of the attic so he could use it with his new baby daughter. With just a little washing off, it was as good as new. That kind of quality doesn’t go unnoticed today.

There were only two negative comments about the Babee Tenda Crib which were both cost related. Yes, this crib is quite a bit more expensive than a lot of the cribs on the market but when you think about it, how can you possibly go wrong with a 70 year old company that:

  • Puts safety first
  • Has never had a recall
  • Stands behind their products with an iron-clad guarantee
  • Converts easily in less than five minutes
  • Saves on space
  • Saves you money in the long and short haul (price includes everything including mattress)
  • Is made in America
  • Built to last
Babee Tenda 5-in-1 Safety Crib (Cherry)

Our Bottom Line: After reviewing the Baby Tenda 5-in-1 Converting Crib and researching the company that stands behind their products for safety and solid craftsmanship, we highly recommend this crib and place it as our Top Pick out of all the cribs reviewed on this site. What you pay for in cost, you receive an assurance of safety, quality of craftsmanship, a sturdy and solid reputation, and a product that was built to last for many years. Most companies don’t build solid products like they used to unless you are the Babee Tenda Company.